Monday, October 18, 2010

Not Well

Actually, I'm not too fond of my new class even though I do not really dislike.

I feel a lot of beautiful things. But I also felt a lot of things that sometimes make me "sick" there.

I feel happy when a few people find a cool, funny and interesting.
but I also find things where sometimes I feel do not have any friends.

I admit, sometimes I might be very difficult to adapt to new environments. Not only is very difficult as possible, but also very, very difficult.

I feel there is little appreciated here than with my old class.
But many people here are busy with the work itself.

I tried not to make friends. Trying to do anything themselves. but I confess I can not. My usual social beings, who sometimes need a friend.

And I realized, my best friend in class, Kartika, can not accompany me every time: (
I just hope the current time is fleeting. I want a quick ride Grade 3 high school. Meet new people better.

or I also have hopes for a quick exit from the school. with all the experience that sometimes makes me sick.

I know this is not a good post, which I just express ugliness.
But I will try looking at life with a better life. I will try.

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